In-Person CE Courses

In-Person CE Courses

CE before the IEA Radon and Vapor Intrusion Symposium | 2-4 hrs |  $70-$140  |  Orlando, FL |  September 15, 2024

CE before the IEA Radon and Vapor Intrusion Symposium | Orlando, FL | 2-4 hrs | September 15, 2024

   8 hours NRPP
Location: Orland, FL | 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern
The Rutgers Superslab; A Classroom Mitigation Diagnostics Video Watch Party: Course ID# KSU-423 4 Hours / 4 Cat-I Credits ($140)
Join us to review the setup of fan and pipe sizing combinations, tools, and technology at the Rutgers Super-slab.  Watch Bruce Snead and Bill Brodhead review, discuss, and modify settings to focus on issues in design of mitigation systems. Frequent pauses will allow animated live discussion in the room. Come with your questions.

Social Media For Radon Small Business: Course ID# KSU-418 2 Hours / 2 Cat-I Credits ($70)
An online two-hour course on promoting your small radon business through email marketing and social media. This course will demonstrate how to create free, eye-appealing graphics to grab the attention of a targeted audience. With attendee participation and by completing worksheets throughout the course, you will walk away with ready-made outreach examples, a calendar of focus areas for the next year, and confidence to create your own graphics to make your small business stand out from the rest.

MSQA Standards For Radon Measurement Professionals: KSU Course ID# KSU-422 2 Hours / 2 Cat-I Credits ($70)
Description: This course for radon professionals covers Sections 1-5 of the ANSI/AARST MS-QA-2023 in detail by reviewing the basics and the requirements to meet quality assurance goals.
Cost: $70-$140
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