Field Session Q & A (Mitigation Only)

How do I get my field day training?

We strongly recommend that folks attend the field session portion of an in-person course. This is required by some states (Kansas). Email/call our office to discussion options for a regional shadow day hands-on field session what works for you: 

You will likely travel 4-6 hours one way to reach them as we do not ask our trainers to train their own competition.

In either case, most folks require 2 full days to complete the field session which itself must be at least 8 hours.


What counts for field day training?  Does work experience count?

Work experience cannot be counted for the field session component. You must complete and approved field session or shadow day as outlined above with one of our approved trainers to meet this requirement.


Can my employer/friend/acquaintance/business partner be my shadow day host?

It is unlikely.  We have strict requirements for our trainers and shadow hosts. You are welcome to send the name, NRPP/NRSB number, contact information, full time years you have worked for them if any, and we will review.