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Bruce Snead

Bruce Snead is instructor and MURC's Co-director as well as Director of Engineering Extension at Kansas State University. Bruce has extensive experience in building science including energy performance. He developed the first workshops based on EPA's Tools for Schools IAQ Guide and has conducted extensive radon public outreach activities. Bruce is the Chair of the National Radon Proficiency Program's Policy Advisory Board and he directs National Radon Program Services in collaboration with US EPA.

Chad Robinson logo

Chad is the founder of Building Performance Co. His education, BS in Mechanical Engineering, along with his passion for the environment and many years of construction design have led him to focus his expertise on radon mitigation and energy efficiency. He is a national, NRPP, and state of Kansas certified radon mitigation and measurement specialist and has personally designed and installed hundreds of radon mitigation systems. Chad is currently the Lead Radon Mitigation Trainer for the Kansas State Engineering Extension and is active in the community as the past President of Salina HBA and current President of the State HBA. In addition, he has analyzed hundreds of buildings for energy efficiency and is a Certified HERS Rater.

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Excellent. Best Course I've Taken. Very Realistic Training.

I was thoroughly impressed with the content and enthusiasm.

[The instructors] made me realize how much I didn't know [about radon].


- Past Trainees

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Bill Brodhead

Bill still does consulting and design work as well as teaching. Now he has more time for research and family. He is one of the best known radon professionals in the world and uses research to independently test the performance of radon mitigation components. Bill's on hand experience includes mitigating over 8000 residential homes in Pennsylvania as well as designing and mitigating multiple schools and commercial buildings around the country as well as overseas for the Navy.

Andy Kelley Logo

Andy Kelley is President of Radon Solutions, a southern Minnesota family-based radon mitigation business. He also operates Basement solutions, a basement water control firm and understands how to successfully control both groundwater and soil gas entry. Andy is committed to the highest standards of practices in the field of radon mitigation  and basement waterproofing.

Past Trainees Logo

I was impressed with the overall quality of this course.

Wonderful! Great instructor. I enjoyed his ability to move us quickly, to allow & answer all questions and keep us engaged!

- Past Trainees

Bill Angell Logo

Bill Angell is Past Director of MURC and Professor Emeritus of Housing at the University of Minnesota. He is past President of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST) and Chair of the World Health Organization's International Radon Project's Prevention and Mitigation Working Group. He was a visiting scientist at EPA's Radiation and Indoor Environments National Laboratory.

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Harry Grafton

Harry Grafton is owner of Environmental Consultations in Columbus, Ohio. Harry's business is in radon, lead, and indoor air quality services. He has experience as a local public health official and developed one of the most effective public radon awareness, measurement, and mitigation programs in the U.S. Harry is an AARST member and he also teaches for the Eastern Regional Radon Training Center

Past Trainees Logo

You really made the material make sense and I feel that I have a better understanding of what it is that I am, and will be, working with much in the future.

Presenter was great at explaining technical items in an easy-to-understand way.

- Past Trainees

Nick Martinez Logo

Nick Martinez is Director of Technical Services with Indianapolis-based Vapor Protection Services, a multi-state radon mitigation and chemical vapor intrusion remediation and mitigation company. Nick works in all types of buildings including schools, houses, multi-family buildings as well as commercial and industrial structures. He loves the field dimension of mitigation including design and installation.

Dan West Logo

Dan West

Dan West is owner of Radon Systems, Inc., in the Columbus, Ohio, area. He has performed radon mitigation since 1986 and has reduced radon in more than 19,000 homes, apartments, schools, and other buildings. Dan has been recognized by the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists for his leadership in radon control in new homes. Dan is committed to your success in radon mitigation and he is the type of person who will tell every secret to help you get to where you want to go.

Matt Koch Logo

Matt Koch

Matt Koch has worked in the mitigation industry since 2008 performing mitigations in the southeast in single family, multifamily, and commercial buildings. He is a founding member of the SE AARST Chapter. Serving on national radon standards committees, he teaches NRPP certification classes for RRNC and Multifamily Meas. Matt, an ICC certified R-5 home inspector has performed 4,500+ residential and commercial inspections